Log house

A wooden house is the best option for a person who favours green lifestyle and cares about health. Wood is 100% natural material.
A wooden house keeps healthy microclimate (temperature, humidity, air circulation, air quality). It guarantees comfortable and healthy living environment.
Log buildings have proved the strength of the construction across generations and it is a good solution even in the areas with a high earthquake occurrence.
In case of proper maintenance a log house lasts as long as a stone house. For example the oldest wooden building in Estonia, Ruhnu Church dates from 1644, Borgundi Church in Norway dates from 1200.


Our company produces cottages and houses of machine processed square spruce logs. Diameters of beams are either 44 or 70 mm and the height is 135 mm. This wall can also be insulated. We produce houses on the basis of standard projects, similarly on the basis of customers’ drawings. As all necessary wooden details have been prepared and cut to the right size in the factory, the erection shall not take much time.

The house shall be delivered to the customers as a prefab set where all the necessary wooden parts plus windows and doors belong to. All the details are labelled and in humidity-proof packages; assembly instruction and necessary connection details have been added.


Square wall beams 70 x 135 mm or 44 X 135 mm
Floor/terrace beams/joists 90/45 x 120 mm
Floor boards 22 and 32mm
Floor skirting 18 x 65 mm
Terrace floor boards 22 and 32 mm
Purlins 70 x 205 mm
Roof boards, ceiling panels 22 mm
Roof tree glued
Rafters 45 x 200 mm
Roof insulation boards 18 x 85 
Covering boards for doors and windows 18 mm
Eaves boards 18 mm
Facia boards 18 mm
Doors (outer doors, inner doors)
Instruction of assembling
Assembling details

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The offer SHALL NOT INCLUDE transport to the customer, roof cover materials and the erection of the house.

Wood is a “living” material and therefore requires special care. To prevent mould and decay the wood should be processed with protecting substances every five years.