Wood is strong and light building material. When considering different building materials, wood is the most durable material. Wood is a very good thermal insulator due to its low thermal conductivity.
Coniferous wood is used for building log houses. Coniferous wood of northern areas is an excellent building material which has all necessary features: Beautiful colour and texture, sufficient density and good and healthy smell of coniferous wood.
Spruce-sawn timber to be used comes from northern areas of Russia and Swedish and Estonian forests.
Slowly growing timber is the best building timber due to its density.
To produce details of the house, we use only carefully selected materials to guarantee necessary strength and that the timber would be as flawless as possible.
The humidity content of the timber to be used is 18 %, quality class AB.

The components with a material value, e.g. roof beam, are ordered from certificated producers. Glue-laminated timber is used as beams, as glue laminated timber is stronger than massive timber.

Glue-laminated timber is certificated in Germany and is in compliance with requirements of DIN 1052.
The timber material to be used is stored in the prescribed conditions before and also after the processing. End products are stored in packages and protected from humidity and sun. Wooden details to be sent to the customer are not processed with chemicals.