The frames of houses produced by Arel Wood are built of square milled spruce beams. Spruce wood is more endurable in external structures than pinewood, as it absorbs less humidity and retains paint better.
Measures of beams to be used are: 44 × 135 mm and 70 × 135 mm.

Our wooden houses are produced with following wall constructions:
44 mm, small cottages.
70 mm, bigger cottages.
44 + 44 mm, insulation between two beams. Cottages and dwelling houses.                                         

70 + 70 mm, insulation between two beams. Cottages and dwelling houses.
44 +18 mm, beam + insulation + internal lining beam. Cottages.
70 +18 mm, log + insulation + internal lining beam. Cottages and dwelling houses.

Mineral wool is used as insulation material.


Assembling details
All the timber materials to be used in the house construction have already been cut to the right size and provided with labelling, necessary supplies and holes. Assembly instruction and fastening devices are with the house to erect the wall frame.


The erection of wooden parts of the house with an average size takes approximately 2 weeks for two men.
Using labelling written to elements and packages and drawings complying with labelling, the erection of the house is not that difficult work at all. Before the erection the basement shall be prepared. The house has to be prepared in dry conditions, as the humidity cannot be in the wooden constructions and especially inside the insulation material.